Player Capabilities

  • Maximum Level is 255 base level and 75 job level, allowing for high action PvP and immense PvE gameplay.
  • Experience is gained at 100x the normal rate for both base and job levels!
  • Experience is increased for MVP monsters; bigger monsters, bigger EXP!
  • The drop rate of items is 50x the normal rate for an additional chance of getting those rare headgear items!
  • Players can have a maximum of 200 in each stat, instead of 99, allowing for tougher battles and skills.

Mentionable Features

  • Over 200 various clothing colors are freely available; no charge will ever be required for players to change colors.
  • Gender changing is extremely easy in qrRO; one can simply utilize the @changesex command to instantly switch their gender.
  • Town Warping is available for all players! Simply using the @go command or easily available Warp NPCs, players can warp to a variety of popular areas!
  • Over a dozen custom headgear items are implemented and available! Some of which are known to veterans of the server, while new unseen items are also available.
  • Collect the skulls of your foes as trophies in PvP.
  • Donations may eventually be accepted, but there will no NO donation-only items. Playing hard should allow one to find the same items as buying them should.